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Creative Wedding Photography Makes Your Wedding Memorable

Every bride hopes her wedding day will be perfect, providing beautiful, golden memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

From little girls playing dress-up in their mothers’ finery to grown women who joyfully accept a proposal of marriage, that walk down the aisle and the following celebration are bright, shining dreams holding a special place in the hearts of all women.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all that perfection just happened magically … that the dreamed-of flawlessness simply materialized, by itself, with no thought, planning or stress involved?

Oh, yes, indeed! That would be wonderful! But life doesn’t happen that way for most of us.

Unfortunately, the reality of planning a wedding in today’s world is about as far removed from the dream fantasy as one could imagine. Details, details and more details – some newly-minted and some revised for the umpteenth time, with still further revision to come – slam into each other on a daily basis. In the real world, brides are burdened with impossibly conflicting choices and decisions, day in and day out, and stress and chaos reign supreme.

Sometimes, by the time the day actually arrives, everyone is so cross and worn out that it seems a miracle the wedding even happens at all – much less that all goes smoothly and happy memories are recorded and preserved.


At least one phase of planning a wedding can be quick and painless to check off your To Do list – without fear of chameleon-like changes requiring further discussion and re-re-re-revised plans – and that is: wedding photography. This decision, once reached, will remain solid and reliable, offering assurance and comfort instead of conflict and stress.

Two Wedding Photography Styles …

There are two basic styles of pictures offered by most wedding photographers: The classic and the candid.

The classic style will showcase the kind of traditional, mostly-posed shots you are used to seeing in wedding albums.

The candid is more creative wedding photography with a photojournalistic approach, capturing moments the way they actually occur instead of as posed tableaus.

It’s common, too, to ask a photographer to mix styles, offering a combination of traditional and candid. For example, you could opt for traditional pre-ceremony pictures and then candid reception pictures. Both styles are good ones. Whichever you select, your choice should be based on your personality as a couple, so that memories are preserved in ways that reflect your personal demeanor and style.

Formal Wedding Photography …

The classic, or traditional, style is always a popular one. Characterized by classic poses of subjects aware of the camera, this style requires a photographer who is adept at arranging individual and group shots before, during and after the wedding, and who has the skill to do so in a friendly yet professional and artistic manner.

If you select the classic style, expect the photographer to focus on the minutiae of the photograph, directing where and how to stand and paying close attention to details of lighting and composition. With this style, your wedding photos will include posed, formal shots of the bride and groom, the wedding party, cake cutting and so forth.

Creative Wedding Photography

If you are more adventurous and unconventional than traditional, however, you’ll likely choose the more candid, photojournalistic style of photography to record your big day. An increasingly popular style, wedding photojournalists pay more attention to the wedding as a “story,” capturing interesting, candid shots of you, your wedding party and your guests while you are unaware of the camera’s presence.

If you select this candid style, expect the photographer to be all but invisible, blending into each scene and not directing anyone to stand here or to look there. His or her emphasis will be on capturing the feeling of a moment, telling your personal story as it unfolds. With this style, your wedding photos will include such as a bridesmaid embracing you in a big hug, a mother shedding a quiet tear, and other tender moments.

Your wedding day is a day that should remain vividly alive for you as you travel life’s long road together. Meet with the photographer well beforehand to discuss the style and the details you want, and choose a wedding photographer who can meet your standards and requirements.

Jessica of Fine Art Exposure wants to hear your goals for your wedding memories and wants to capture those moments forever through her unique photographic perspective. With Jessica you can feel comfortable in capable, professional hands that will deliver the memorable photos you want.

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