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Romantic Destination Wedding, New Orleans

Congratulations on your engagement! So many choices, so many decisions… you may find yourself overwhelmed quickly.

The guest list and everyone who has to be invited is just the beginning of your planning. First there is the family list, followed by the extended family list, which leads to the friends list and finally co-workers, business contacts and acquaintances.

As your guest list swells, so does the cost of the wedding. Suddenly your small wedding has become huge and it’s hard to draw the line on who to invite.

A destination wedding New Orleans can be a wonderful solution to the problem. Because of the travel involved, you can limit who is invited and there are no hurt feelings. Now you can begin your new life together with the people closest to your heart. In New Orleans, you can have a wedding as small as the two of you or as big as all of those people on that wedding guest list that had to be invited, the choice is yours.

Some couples plan their destination wedding on their own, while others hire wedding planners/coordinators. A planner that specializes in New Orleans destination weddings should have the professional contacts for the services you will need. Whether you are hiring the photographer on your own or via a planner make sure there are references you can call to confirm that they were not just happy, but thrilled with their wedding photos.

New Orleans is a vibrant city, full of history and architecture with many locations to have your special photos taken. Since this is a destination wedding, you don’t want to limit yourself to just ceremony/reception photos.

Below you will find some points for consideration when meeting with your photographer:

  • How many locations do you want photos taken at?
  • Do you only want photos at the wedding and reception or do you want to take some out and about in the French Quarter or maybe at one of the historic locations?
  • Do you want photos of the wedding party in their finery at locations other than the wedding and reception?
  • How many hours total are you paying for?
  • Are the pictures taken in digital format or using film? How does she process the pictures after taking them?
  • If the photos are taken digitally, will you receive a disk of the full resolution images with a letter granting permission to print them?
  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of photos that will be taken?
  • How many prints and what sizes are included in the fee? What is the cost for additional prints?

A New Orleans based photographer will know the perfect historic landmarks for the romantic photo backdrop, what the rules are about taking photos inside, and where the best outside photos can be taken. Perhaps that special place off the beaten path…

Once you have decided which photographer to use, make sure you discuss any specific pictures you want taken (such as great aunt Martha).

Even eating has photo opportunities since there is something for everyone in New Orleans…you can have a breakfast experience of café au lait and beignets while listening to street musicians perform or you can have a 3 course breakfast complete with champagne and jazz ensemble. The rich décor always makes a great back drop for happy couples and their friends.

At Fine Art Exposure, we know that a destination wedding gives you the chance to have more than just a 4 hour party. We use creative and artistic wedding photography to capture the quick and candid moments. You will carry the memories of that special time in your heart and have those pictures that will last a lifetime.

For Destination Weddings photography, call 504.914.7262.