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Informal Wedding Photography Shows Your Style

Whether you choose to have informal wedding photography or formal and posed to preserve your wedding day memories depends entirely upon your personal style and sense of self.

While there’s certainly nothing “wrong” with traditional, formal wedding albums like the ones your parents had, there’s no doubt that today’s young couples are opting more and more for candid shots. Or, in many cases, a combination of the two.

Many couples today do still want a few formal, posed shots of themselves – carefully lit, professionally composed, expertly shot to capture them in a moment of sheer perfection as events are about to unfold – but at the same time, they want those unfolding events recorded in a more relaxed, realistic style more in tune with who they are and how they actually live their lives.

The basic reason for the trend away from posed pictures is that couples today are much more into celebrating the sheer joy, excitement and fun of their wedding day. They certainly understand, appreciate and honor its solemn importance … but they’re also determined to preserve the outright happiness of this monumental step in their lives.

While weddings are unquestionably a serious, important social and legal event, they are also an occasion for unbridled celebration. Two lives are joined in tandem for the rest of life’s amazing journey … a new family unit is being formed … babies will be added to the circle of those lives as new generations carry on…. What could be more important and thrilling to celebrate than the beginning of all that?

A wedding photographer skilled and experienced in candid, photojournalistic wedding photography style will capture such moments as a father’s nostalgic repose as he readies himself to walk his “little girl” down the aisle into a new life in which he will relinquish his spot as #1 most important man in her world … a flower girl’s expression of wonder and awe as she sees the bride dressed up like a fairy princess for the first time … an usher and a bridesmaid waiting to perform their roles, leaning into each other with, perhaps, wedding ideas of their own….

None of those moments or feelings would be captured in a posed composition. It takes a photojournalistic photographer’s skill and expertise to anticipate, recognize and grab pictures like that … pictures which will make your wedding album almost seem alive with the exact moment and emotions captured, no matter how much time, how many years have passed.

For these very reasons, most couples today are choosing to have mostly informal wedding photography, along with a few choice formal, posed pictures.

Jessica at Fine Art Exposure knows how to capture your wedding day memories with a beautiful combination of candid and traditional skill and experience.

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