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Selecting Your Louisiana Wedding Photographer

Below you will find some points for consideration when meeting with your photographer:

  • Is his/her area of expertise mainly in candid shots (photojournalistic style) or in formal, posed shots?
    (And is the photographer willing to use a combination of styles?)
  • Is the photographer skilled in making slides, prints, and slideshows (digital or otherwise)?
  • Does he/she offer traditional albums with full-color 8 x 10 prints, regardless of whether the shots are digital or on film?
  • Depending upon where you are holding the event, does he/she have experience in shooting in that milieu? Weddings are held so many places, today – indoors, at a temple or church and outdoors, in the mountains or on a beach, or in a theme-oriented locale – that you’ll want your photographer to have had experience shooting in the kind of setting you’ve selected.
  • Does the photographer understand who you are, as a couple? Are you on the same “wave length,” and feel comfortable with each other?
  • Does he/she listen closely to precisely what you want from your wedding shots? Or are you feeling your arm twisted to choose one style over another?

In the beginning of wedding photography, back in the late 19th Century, photographers would more or less “crash” a wedding, snap pictures, and then try to sell them to the couple and their families. Later, photographic studios got into the act, contracting for their services beforehand, but even they, they just showed up on the big day, ordering the couple and their attendants to stand here or there, look this way or that, and pose in a formal tableau.

Thankfully for all concerned, that’s a far cry from today’s wedding photography. Today, the excellent professional wedding photographers are much more involved with the couple in a personal kind of way. They seek and want to know the couple, as individuals and as a unit, so that their shots of the wedding and reception will accurately and truly reflect who you are and will deliver pictures that capture the “real you.”

Increasingly, this kind of personal knowledge and involvement is one of the major goals of the couple interviewing photographers. In the main, today’s young couples don’t want their grandparents’ – or even their parents’ – stiff, formal wedding shots. They want real memories of who they really are, captured in candid shots by someone who has taken the time to know and understand them. That can only happen when they feel at ease with the photographer, assured that he/she really “gets” them and will deliver the kinds of pictures they hope for.

So, in South Louisiana, wedding photographer, Jessica Johanningmeier, has the superb professional experience and skills to capture your memories for a lifetime. She works hard to to pay tribute to the “real you” in your photos – enjoying and celebrating one of the most wonderful days of your life.

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