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Wedding Photography New Orleans

For many different reasons, some couples elect to hold their wedding in a place other than the cities in which they currently live. Sometimes, they live far away from their respective families and want to hold the event in a place convenient to all … or maybe a certain locale has specific, important meaning to them as a couple.

Whatever the reasons, this special day belongs to the couple – and what they want, they should most definitely have.

Selecting a locale different from where they live does, however, add a new wrinkle, affecting all other wedding plans. One of those “wrinkles” is the selection of a wedding photographer.

Creative Wedding Photography

If you have decided on a destination wedding, New Orleans, we encourage you to hire the local photographer with the artistic skill and experience to capture those “Big Easy” moments.

Jessica Johanningmeier of Fine Art Exposure knows New Orleans and South Louisiana. She has photographed the beautiful bride stepping toward the doors of St. Louis Cathedral, the troop of groomsmen parading through the French Quarter, and couple as they sneak through the flower laden courtyards.

Jessica knows the beauty of New Orleans like no other.

Bringing a Photographer with You …

Some may consider hiring a photographer from where you live. The things to think about are the additional expense the couple will incur. On top of the photographer’s usual fee, he or she will have to be transported to and from the site, as well as housed and fed while there. Some may argue against this by saying the photographer chosen by you locally is one with whom you’ve spent time detailing exactly what you want.

But we say a photographer from your town is not on intimate terms with the locations around the Crescent City that make a destination wedding here so attractive. At Fine Art Exposure, we know the area, and we know what organizations and facilities allow photographs to be taken.

Jessica and staff want to work with you, to know and understand you as a couple who is on your wavelength and who “gets” the kind of photographic memories you want.

We want to document and preserve your wedding day memories – like no other!

For Wedding Photography New Orleans, call 504.914.7262.